Paul Taulien | Freelance Industrial Design
CAD overview of ribbon
Wayfinder Fibreglass Molds
Working as a designer with long and short term partners, Paul works in three main areas:
Concept proposal in response to brief

Working with the client to understand the parameters of the project and respond with creative concept options, after having resolved a set of design goal posts. Transparent design process and decision making to support dialogue with the client about what will ultimately deliver success. A concept proposal document is the typical output of this activity.

3D computer modelling of products

Using CAD software, the project with be developed and defined in 3D with definite shape and specifications. Curvaceous plastic products or built steel structures are two ends of the spectrum, with almost everything covered in between over the past 15 years. Rendered visualisations, 3D files for manufacture or drawing packs are typical outputs from this activity.

Design project support

Supporting clients directly onsite in their office and forming an integrating team member is also a viable option for certain clients. Numerous partnerships over the years have been beneficial to clients who have a specific project need and duration.


Check out the Process to see how it all fits together!

2019-2020 HIGHLIGHTS

Facade Detailing CAD


Revise, upgrade, update and include engineering revisions for a facade system so it can go into production and be installed within 2-3 months.


Cost engineering drives design revisions, in-hand with engineering review and re-specification of steel member sizes. Time was very limited and production materials needed to be ordered.


Revising details in uncertain design parameters of fixings and typical connection designs, the design had to move forward in a simultaneous fashion with engineering input, site survey, manufacturing/coating constraints, trucking/lifting scenarios and overall assembly/installation methods. An understanding and collaboration with the project manager resulted in a good outcome. See more at Facebook


CAD overview of facade

Trailing end of facade, multi-directional struts


Cantilever overhang with long, angled return

Reusable Coffee Cup


Responding to a brief for a new reusable coffee cup.​ (Final design confidential, not yet released)


Environment, fashion, social pressure, waste and recycling stream downfalls, disposable income, hospitality, local culture, designing for men and women across many (if not all) user profiles. Also looking at practical use cycles, habits and hooks.


In a very mature, saturated and popular culture market, the challenging question is: "Why make a new cup at all?" The answer lies within the deeper analysis of "Where is the scope for innovation?". Or put another way: "What are the others missing?". The research and concept exploration of the concept inception phase looked at this and proposed unique, new ideas to the client.


3D design envelope


3D Visualisation

Urban Art


Resolving a concept from a paper model to a parametric driven CAD model to drive the design in 3D to help the design process by tweaking it until the client was satisfied.


Engineering, costing, client feedback and site orientation were all factors that influenced the revisions of the design until the confirmed design was defined with drawings for tender.


Working with evolving information and an iterative engineering process, the steel posts were selected and proposed to an appropriate size and weight, protective coating, and sleeve assembly method. Furthermore, as overhead power line clearance and production cost estimations were gradually confirmed, the project benefited from clever 3D modelling that enabled quick modification, yet was still driven by an aesthetic target.

original client concept mock-up

full parametric 3D digital model

conceptual CAD model

installed feature