PET bottles represent a unique opportunity for packaging, product and branding design. Reclosable, clear, drop-proof, light and recyclable, they are in a league of their own.



Food and other items need a form of packaging to be processed and sold to the consumer. Innovating within that crowded space makes all the difference. Design can open up the what and how, delivering to the who and why.



Signage and branding in the built environment to dispaly and communicate brand values in 3D.

Branding 3D


Displays in the retail environment are a key standout for any product. Unique and brand sympathetic displays are a great challenge for budget, appeal and timelines.

Retail displays


From plastic to wood to metal, and more; here are some products I have been a part of making.



Automotive lighting, body concept, themes. Also soon to be added fibreglass moldings including design engineering of associated body parts.



Artisanal pieces made to realise visual concepts that bring joy into daily life

Furniture & Lighting




The common theme running across all of my projects is squeezing the best out of the given circumstances, be it budget, time, materials, resources, technology or market, balancing an outcome that delivers on-brief to the stakeholders with a drive to be impressive, attractive, and of sound quality.

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